Friday, August 12, 2005

True Story, stranger than fiction!

My sister e-mailed me the story from AP about Melvyn Reed, a British man who woke up from his coronary bypass surgery to find all three of his wives waiting to confront him. Yep, he was a double bigamist! He'd tried to stagger their hospital visits, but the three met up in the parking lot.

This is so much like a Stephanie Bond book I read a few years ago called OUR HUSBAND (which I recommend). Seems truth really is stranger than fiction!

It's 95° here and our AC is on the blink. The AC repair guy can't get here until Monday morning. I've managed to get the temperature down to 82° here in the house by closing all the blinds and curtains and running the ceiling fans on high. I promised hubby chicken fajitas tonight. I have everything cut up and ready to throw in the pan, but even a little bit of heat can sure drive up the temp in the kitchen.

Whew! I look forward to fall.


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