Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dog Days ...

Dog Days
These are the Dog Days of summer. I can't remember exactly why late July and August days are so named. Seems I remember vaguely something from my childhood about rabies. Or maybe it has something to do with the constellation Cirius lining up a certain way this time of the year. If you can enlighten me on why these are called the Dog Days, please add your comment.

Right now, Ginger has her own definition of Dog Days. When it's too hot to be outside--even in shade--she comes in from her walk and collapses on the carpet or sofa. She barely has energy to bark. Today I picked her up from the groomer's and she looked oh!-so-cute. I tried and tried to get her to pose for a picture. Finally, I contented myself with this shot and decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

The A/C saga continues. Yes, we have A/C at the moment, but only until the Freon runs out. Then we'll have to get another shot. The part that was ordered, a cooling coil(?), takes a week to get here and costs 1/3 the price of a whole new heat pump. Today we made the difficult decision to replace the whole enchilada. It'll be Monday before it can be installed, but that still beats the repair date. After suffering through last weekend's mid-90s, we hoped to chill through this coming weekend. Hmm.

Stay tuned . . .

Cheryl, sweltering in Florida


Jazzercisin' Jo said...

You're too cool to be too warm!


Steve Irving said...

Go naked, it will increase your metabolizm, reduce un wanted fat cells, increase your sex drive, thrill your mate,lower your cholesterol,make life more fun.

Words of wisdom from Steve

Cheryl Norman said...

Thanks, everyone, for your helpful hints!

It's a new heat pump on Monday. Can't wait to have it installed. We're calling it our anniversary present. :-)


Dave Webb said...

Cheryl, I have an apricot toy poodle named Ginger also and she doesn't observe the dog days. She has an easy life and is generously allowing us to use a couple of rooms in the house. I'm a Wings author and was checking out your blog. Very nice and I think your website is awesome.
Dave Webb

Cheryl Norman said...

Thank you, Dave! I'm glad you're with Wings ePress. It may be a small company but the editors and artists are the best!


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