Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Spirit of Giving

During this season, we sometimes lose our way. Parties, gift buying, family stress, all interfere with the joy of the spirit of the season. Take time for yourself, for quiet reflection. Take a moment during shopping trips to help someone struggling. 

It may surprise you (unless you're a writer) to learn most writers earn little from their writing. So why do we write? Here's an example of the joy that comes simply from knowing something I wrote touched another's life.

During my struggle with breast cancer treatment, I wrote RECIPES FOR RECOVERY and self-published it for an affordable price just so I could help other patients deal with the nutrition challenges of serious illness. I've given away many copies. My profit margin is tiny, but the rewards are great. People buy it to give as get-well gifts, too. One writer friend asked me to send a copy to a friend's friend. Both she and I received thank-yous from the woman, a two time survivor (colon cancer and leukemia). She wrote:

Thank you for the cookbook and for your dedication to inspire cancer patients like me. It is so helpful to have friends who care when my energy is so low.

This is why I wrote RECIPES FOR RECOVERY. This is why I write. I feel blessed to have my writing impact others in a positive way.

Remember this post as you rush through the holidays. There is no joy like the joy that comes from doing for others. Many blessings to you.

Sunday, December 01, 2013


I've tried National Novel Writing Month challenges before, but this is the first year I successfully finished the draft of a book in one month. Even taking off for Thanksgiving (I'm the family cook) didn't deter me. Have any of you writers written a book via the NaNoWriMo challenge? Some famous fiction began life as a NaNoWriMo draft, including WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, a favorite read. 

Now it's December and time to decorate and send cards. And time to take a short break from writing!