Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dennis Weaver--A Tribute

I had the privilege of meeting Dennis Weaver and am saddened by his passing. We used to spend summers in Montrose, Colorado, not far from his home in Ridgeway. It wasn't unusual to run into him and his wife shopping at the local Safeway Supermarket. He was a regular guest at our RV Park and entertained us with stories about his adventures in show biz.

In 1994, he allowed us to tour his "earth" house, which was built of old tires and other recycled trash. Dennis and his life-long partner/wife, Gerry, were avid environmentalists and vegetarians. If not for the cancer, I believe he would've reached 100+.

The last time I saw the Weavers (in 1997 waiting tables at their restaurant in Ridgeway, Colorado), they were in their 70s and as energetic as any of us younger folk. In fact, later that evening they jitterbugged on the dance floor (they took first prize in a dance contest in the 1940s) and were absolutely amazing. They'd been married for 61 years, a rarity within the general population and an absolute miracle among celebrities.

I treasure my photos of him, cherish his memory and will remember his wife and three sons in my prayers. I imagine he's shaking hands with Don Knotts and Darrin McGavin in the afterworld, probably swapping stories and singing a song. Yes, we've lost 3 Hollywood legends this past week.