Thursday, October 27, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I do hope you will check out my article posted October 27, 2011, on AOL Healthy Living Health News titled My Recipe for Recovery. It chronicles how I used writing and humor to heal and recover from breast cancer treatment.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Free e-book!

Medallion Press is offering a free download of RESTORE MY HEART until August 15. This is a great opportunity to begin reading my "Mustang Sally" trilogy. Even if you've read the other titles (RECLAIM MY LIFE and REBUILD MY WORLD), you can go back and catch the earlier story.  Also, REMEMBER MY LOVE is a short story included in the e-book anthology ALL BETS ARE ON! and is a connecting story.

The free download is available in various formats, including Kindle. Hurry! Offer ends soon.

Thank you!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Reading

We are deep into summer now, a time that always means reading to me. Growing up, I visited the library regularly to return books and find new reads. Now I don't have to! I have a Kindle, one of several amazing e-readers on the market, and I can download new reading material in seconds.

This summer I've enjoyed some great books, including Eyewall by Buzz Bernard (a terrific hurricane thriller) and Water for Elephants (a depression-era circus tale).  Now I'm reading Sue Henry's Serpent's Trail. I've also received e-mails and social networking messages from folks who have downloaded and read my books. This is wonderful feedback for an author. Thank you so much for giving Cheryl Norman books a try.

Stay out of the heat. Have a safe and enjoyable summer of reading!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Books by Cheryl Norman

Attention Readers: I write as Cheryl Norman. I am not Cheryl Scott Norman, author of Through the Shimmering. That lady is a fantasy writer who happens to share my pen name (For the record, I had it first). I do not write fantasy fiction, so please be aware that, although Through the Shimmering is listed with my books, it is not written by me. Sorry for the confusion.

My books are (in reverse order of publication):
  • Rebuild My World
  • Reclaim My Life
  • Romance on Route 66 (anthology)
  • Running Scared
  • Restore My Heart
  • Hasty Tasty Meals in the RV
  • Full Moon Lullaby
  • "Chef" Cheri's Hasty Tasty Meals
  • Last Resort
  • Storms of the Heart
  • Full Moon Honeymoon
  • Last Resort

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rebuild My World is now available!

For those who have asked for Taylor Drake's story, here it is. Scheduled for an April release, the book is already available on! I do hope you enjoy Rebuild My World. It is a romantic suspense, my favorite genre. Also I have written a companion short story, Remember My Love, for the upcoming Turquoise Morning Press romance anthology Talk Derby To Me, which should be out in time for the Kentucky Derby Festival.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome to Drake Springs, Florida

Drake Springs exists only in my imagination, but it feels real to me after living with the landmarks and citizens during the writing of Reclaim My Life. So I returned to Drake Springs and many of those "citizens" in my latest book Rebuild My World. It's a romantic suspense story that takes place a year or so after the end of Reclaim My Life, but it's a stand-alone book.

While Restore My Heart introduces the Desalvo family, Reclaim My Life adds the Drake dyansty with Wil Drake and Fia Desalvo's story. Rebuild My World features Wil's sister, Taylor Drake, who retreats to her Florida hometown after surviving a brutal attack that leaves her with both physical and emotional scars.

I hope you'll enjoy Taylor's story. It has romance, mystery, and an important lesson in forgiveness. Available soon in both print and e-book.

Happy Spring!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Attention Ladies!

Though it isn't October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), any month is a good month to remind you to do your regular self-exams. I know from experience that early detection and treatment can save your life.

I am a breast cancer survivor whose mammography missed the suspicious growth I found two months later on my own. So ladies, get those annual mammograms, but check yourself regularly, too. Know your body. Breast cancer hits one in eight women. For more information about breast cancer (and all cancers) visit the American Cancer Society Website at

Men can get breast cancer, too, but they aren't at risk like us women.
Take care of yourselves and Happy Valentine's Day.