Thursday, August 25, 2005

At last! Rain and Air Conditioning, too!

Hi from steamy Florida! Yes, our new heat pump is installed and working great, so the house is cool. Also, we're having a bit of rain, which we need. All in all it's a good day to sit and write.

No one answered the question of why Dog Days are called such, so I guess that trivia will go unanswered. I still like the idea of the constellations arranged a certain way this time of year. It's a lot more romantic than rabies fears!

Romance is what I'm about, of course, and it's what I write. Right now, I'm writing a time-travel (A first for me) and the heroine's name is Katrina. Lo and behold, that's also the name of the hurricane now headed for south Florida!

It's not my fault!!


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