Monday, April 30, 2018

Springing Back

I apologize for neglecting this blog and you faithful CHAT WITH CHERYL readers. We've had a rough couple of years, most recently ending with the death of my dear mother-in-law whom we cared for in our home. Six months earlier, we lost our precious dog Ginger. We hardly celebrated the holidays. 

Life has its ups and downs, and we all have our troubles, so let's move on to the writing world. My keyboard fingers are rusty. Still, I'm back to writing again and have a story in the works, THE CHRISTMAS DETOUR. It's a romance with a little suspense thrown in. I have more fun writing when I can throw in a dead body, you know. ;-)  

Also in the works is HASTY TASTY MEALS UNDER PRESSURE, my newest cookbook in which I update the out-of-print HASTY TASTY MEALS to include the new electric multicookers (i.e. Instant Pot, Power Pressure Cooker, etc.) as well as stove top pressure cooker recipes. Unlike the plethora of electric pressure cooker cookbooks on the market, my recipes focus on building block meals (AKA Creative Leftovers). If there is anything you'd like to see in the new cookbook, please email me at and put HTMUP in the subject line (that acronym is what I label my file and will immediately get my attention). 

Thanks for visiting Chat With Cheryl. Look for more regular posts again. As always, you can find me cooking at too.

RIP Rachel and Ginger

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Chill Factor Part 2

I posted a couple of years ago about my struggle to find the perfect refrigerator for my kitchen. I love the Maytag I bought, but if I had it to do over, I would not have chosen it. The Whirlpool in my mother-in-law's home is older, better, and has the best ice maker. Furthermore, because of her failing health, she now lives with us and our "perfect refrigerator for two people" is too small. 

To give us more cold storage, we bought a new upright freezer for the garage, replacing our tiny chest model, and all is well with the world again. But the moral of the story is no matter how you try to plan for every eventuality, you can't. Just buy what you want at the time and adjust with the changes life brings you.

Speaking of adjusting to the changes life brings you, have you noticed I've been MIA on my blog and the writing scene in general? I'm slowly resuming my writing career, and I am loving my new publisher, Salt Run Publishing. But it will be a year before you see my next book in print.

I still publish a monthly newsletter, and I invite you to subscribe if you haven't already. 

Have a super summer! And may your ice maker keep up with your iced tea demands. ;-)