Monday, April 21, 2014

Political Correctness in Writing

If you write contemporary fiction, this post is for you. If you write only historical fiction, please ignore. 

A colleague recently asked me about the blond vs. blonde conundrum. While I've addressed this on The Grammar Cop (Blonde is slang, used as a noun; blond is an adjective), it occurs to me the issue resolves itself with political correctness. No longer do we refer to females as stewardesses, waitresses, or actresses. They are flight attendants, servers, and actors, same as their male counterparts.Your will has a personal representative, not an executrix or executor. 

Blonde is defined as a woman who has blond hair. It's slang for a sexy or glamorous woman with blond hair. There is no word for a man who has blond hair, so why do we need "blonde?" Short answer: We don't. Lose it.

Please don't buy into the explanation that women have blonde hair while men have blond hair, at least if you live in the United States. While the "e" denotes gender in some languages, it doesn't apply to English. I have a daughter named Lynn. Not Lynne. And she's as feminine as any woman I know. My nickname is Cheri (Originally French), not Cherie. I am a female, but I live in America. Gender distinctions are outmoded.

(Too bad Starbucks didn't get that message. They refer to their light roast coffee as "Blonde Roast." But I overlook the name since it's my favorite brew.)

Other politically incorrect or obsolete terms include master bedroom. It's now owner's bedroom. Master is mindful of serfdom and slavery. Again, obsolete. 

If you use MS Word, enable your spelling and grammar review programs (under Options). Any outdated or insensitive word or phrase should be underlined for your attention.

Happy writing, authors (no more authoresses!).

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Hi folks!

It's spring. Finally! I've finished writing the first two books in my Drake Springs category romance series. I've even finished edits on the first, RETURN TO DRAKE SPRINGS, and it's scheduled for an October release. The line Boutique Collection ~ Next Door is eBook only, available in all popular formats for your reading device. 

I introduced my heroine in RECLAIM MY LIFE when she helped the sheriff and his love interest treat a poisoned golden retriever. Little did I know this minor, walk-on role would later lead to a starring role in a future book!

Here's the blurb for RETURN TO DRAKE SPRINGS.

      Lance George debates his decision to return to his hometown, but the price is right on the abandoned veterinary hospital he hopes to buy. He’s saved his money to open his practice by living frugally and purchasing wisely. There’s no room in his life for wasteful spending. His alcoholic mother squandered everything she had when he was growing up, leaving him with an obsessive motivation to achieve financial security.
      Iris Porter is unaware that she broke Lance’s heart in high school. She’s too busy trying to earn a living in a tough economy. She hopes to reclaim her old job as a veterinary assistant when Lance reopens the town’s only animal clinic. Popular and friendly, Iris is known to be generous to a fault. When a friend’s baby is stricken with leukemia, she organizes fundraisers and enlists Lance’s help.
      Lance’s feelings for Iris rekindle when he realizes how much she’s changed. The high school snob is at odds with the caring, sensitive woman who wants to help a family in need. But can he reconcile Iris’s generous spirit with his overpowering need for penny pinching? 

The fun in writing a series is the abundance of characters and stories that emerge with each book. In Book 2, FOSTER CARE, I hint at a couple of potential romances that I feature later in the series. As soon as I turn in Book 2, I can begin A DOSE OF ROMANCE, Book 3. Stay tuned!