Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Disaster in the South

The news from Louisiana and Mississippi just keeps getting worse. Grim. The footage shown on the news looks like a disaster movie set. I feel guilty for whining about having no air conditioning a couple of weeks ago. No A/C? Thousands have no power, drinking water, or homes to return to. Or jobs.

I pray that the thousands of people who are feared dead are rescued safely. I want to help, but how? Right now, all I can do is make cash donations to charities earmarked for Katrina hurricane relief. Yes, I just shelled out a lot of money for a new heat pump, but hey! I have a comfortable, air-conditioned house. I'm blessed! I think I can dig deep down into my pocket and find something to share.

If you're a Katrina victim, you probably aren't able to read this. But if you can, please know that you're in my prayers. Hang in there.


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