Monday, September 03, 2007

My, time flies ...

The month of September has me waxing sentimental. First, hard as it is to believe, my wonderful (Yes, the best guy in the world!) husband and I are celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary. (The photo is from our honeymoon, as you can tell by the hair styles *LOL*) My, time flies when you're having fun.

September, 2007, is also the month in which I'll attend my high school reunion. And it's not my tenth or twenty-fifth. Nope. I won't say which one, but my! Time flies when you're having fun.

There are a number of birthdays this month, too. My baby nephew who's no baby anymore has a birthday the day after his wife's. My twin nieces (OK, technically I'm not their aunt but they call me Aunt Cheri) turn **gasp** the big something-O (I won't tell) on our anniversary. My best friend from junior high and high school also has a birthday that day. Happy Birthday, Carolyne, wherever you are, friend.

So how am I spending most of September? Writing my book (with its looming Dec. 1 deadline) with the Weather Channel on in the background. I live in Florida, and September is, unfortunately, the peak of hurricane season. I'm praying for calm weather even as a category 5 churns in the Caribbean (Felix).

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Now, back to writing. (My, time flies when you're on deadline!!!!)


Maddie James said...

Cheryl, what a cutie you are! Isn't it great to go back and look at old pictures? I always think...gee, I didn't look half bad back then, and always thought I could look better. I suppose we should just be happy where we are and relax, right?

Have fun with all of your celebrations. Happy writing!

maddie, who is also on deadline...September. Ack! It's September!

Jan said...

My baby will be 29 this year. Why do I feel old? HIS baby is one! Time flies, and memories are good. Thanks for sharing yours.

Cheryl Norman said...

Good advice, Maddie. Be glad we are where we are.


Jo said...

Happy Birthdays and Anniversary, etc. to all to whom it applies!

Love and huggers!

Magdalena Scott said...

Cheryl,thanks for sharing the picture. Somewhere there's a picture of me wearing shorts just like yours! And a perky ponytail! And guess what--I will probably NOT post that on the internet. (I know, everyone's disappointed.) Time flies, fun or not, and that's what makes pictures absolutely priceless. Thanks for sharing yours. Happy celebrating!

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed your sharing a pic of your and your husband.

I'm 46...oh goodness I've said it :) Oh well, you are a fantastic writer and you look just as pretty today as you did in the pic.

Good luck to everyone with an anniv and also that has a deadline on a book.

Ruth W. that is still working on selling the first one. Hey...I'm having fun with the characters in each book. Just think when I do get published how much fun I've had along the way.

Happy times to you all,

Ruth Wells