Wednesday, September 26, 2007

High School Class Reunion

I just returned from my high school reunion. Yes, forty years is a long time, and I'd been feeling old and fat in anticipation. I've gained fifty pounds since my skinny high school years, along with wrinkles and sags. I tried dieting this summer in preparation for the reunion, but lost about nine pounds, total. Oh, well, I wasn't deterred. After all, many I'd be seeing were life-long friends. Surely they wouldn't comment on the deteriorated state of my body, right?

My concerns were unfounded, as it turns out. I arrived, handsome husband in tow, and picked up my name badge (You know, the ones with your name, your maiden name, and a tiny copy of your senior picture on the side) at the registration table, where I was greeted by three familiar faces. (The volunteers who organized our reunion did a terrific job. We had a nice dinner and a dee-jay who played music from the sixties, and a nice area in which to mingle and talk.)

I squinted at name badges then at faces, trying to reconcile the two and jump-start my memory in a millisecond before the other person caught me *LOL * I stopped worrying after I noticed a dozen or so of my classmates squinting at MY name badge and MY face. Since I've spent half of my life in the deep south, I had a decidedly more southern accent than I'd had as a teen, too, which may have thrown off a few from immediately recognizing me.

Then an amazing thing happened. Soon we had reacquainted ourselves with our older versions and forgot all about how we'd changed physically. We talked and looked at baby pictures of kids and grandkids. And dogs, too! We reminisced some of our high school high jinks, and talked about where we'd lived (all over the U.S., as it turns out!), and what our current passions are. One couple follows the rodeo circuit and watches professional bull riding. Another is involved in archaeological and historical preservation. Another share our enthusiasm for old classic cars. Many of us are retired and / or involved in a second career. Nobody at my reunion lives a boring or inactive life!

A good friend commented that it was surprising how we'd turned out to be productive citizens. Our high school alumni include judges, lawyers, dentists, pilots, educators, Secret Service agents, public servants, entrepreneurs, and authors (Me!).

Dozens, unfortunately, have passed away. Every reunion we lose more of our classmates. I wonder how many of us will be around ten years from now?

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Carolyne said...

Who are all those old people you are posing with at the reunion? The only ones I recognized were Corky, Lannie and you. The others are complete strangers to me. LOL Thanks for the sweet mention of my birthday on your website. I am very proud of all you have accomplished, and I know your parents must have been so proud of you, too.

Cheryl Norman said...

Hey, Cari! You were certainly missed at the reunion. So many asked about you. Please attend the next one.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cheri,
Thanks for sending me your blog. I really enjoyed the reunion and it was great to re-ignite old friendships. I have been to several previous PRP reunions but this is the first time I saw you there. You have not changed at all, believe me. More mature yes, but you looked MARRRVELOUS!

Curious, who is Carolyne in the first blog? She didn't recognize Dwayne or Nina? Alas, I didn't see you until we were on the way out so I am not the pics and that is okay.

It would be nice to meet up with you and your husband in a campground. We have a 30 foot 5th wheel with 3 slides that I drag around. This, of course, is NOT camping, but it sure beats a tent.

I am also very impressed with your accomplishments. At least somebody in our class is world renown. My only deed is a small part in the Rosa Parks movie, non-speaking, and most of it landed on the cutting room floor. After all, I live in Montgomery, Alabama, where it all started.

Please keep in touch as I will and will let you know when I come that direction.

Take care,

God Bless
David Frazier

Cheryl Norman said...

I am hardly world reknown, but thanks!

Your kind of camping is our kind of camping. My husband said he did all the tent camping he intended to do when he was in the Army.

Thanks for your comment!