Tuesday, September 30, 2014


During September, I've posted and had guests post about their fictional small towns included in the Small Town Charm boxed set sold by Turquoise Morning Press. I hope you've had a chance to read this collection of romances. My Rebuild My World is set in Drake Springs, Florida, and I intended it to be the last book set there (a sequel to the first Drake Springs novel, Reclaim My Life). But the town stayed with me. So many interesting characters and so many stories...

October 15, 2014, TMP launches the new Drake Springs category romance series (Their Next Door line) with Book 1: Return to Drake Springs. These are short romance novels that are sweet in tone, available in e-book formats.

Book 1: Return to Drake Springs

If you've read Reclaim My Life and/or Rebuild My World  (Or Veiled Threat from the Wedding Day Collection anthology), you'll revisit familiar characters. But you don't need to read those to start reading this series. I hope you enjoy this small Florida town and that you'll RETURN TO DRAKE SPRINGS soon!

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