Tuesday, August 26, 2014


By now you've heard about the millions of dollars raised for ALS from something called the ice bucket challenge. I'm all for support of research into ALS. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is an awful disease that took a dear friend of mine. If you read RUNNING SCARED (©2008), you'll see a dedication to his memory in the front of the novel.

Marv Jones ran with me (in my younger, thinner days) and trained with me for my first marathon. While running twenty miles one Saturday morning, we passed the time brainstorming a mystery that eventually became RUNNING SCARED. He read the manuscript but sadly passed away before ever seeing it in print. 

So when Gina Alvey challenged me to do the Ice Bucket for ALS, I accepted. As I understand it, you have to have ice water dumped on you and supply video proof or donate to ALS. I chose to have ice water dumped on me AND donate to ALS. 

The video didn't take, but I have an "after" still photo as proof of my endeavor. It isn't a pretty sight, so I'll spare you the picture. I've now challenged two author friends, Jan Scarbrough and Dolores J. Wilson, to the challenge. 

Please support this worthy cause by donating to: ALSA at http://alsa.org.

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