Monday, May 26, 2014

Big Easy Blog Hop ☼

Welcome to the Big Easy Blog Hop! Author Sharon Drane invited me, and I am honored to participate. 

Sharon Drane lives in North Florida and is currently president of Ancient City Romance Authors, a chapter of RWA®. Her novel TOUCH THE SKY will be released later this year. It is the story of lovers who suffer a catastrophic event.  Wrenched apart, each filled with pain, is there hope of reconciliation?

Here are the four burning questions on Sharon's mind:

1. What am I working on currently?
I am writing A DOSE OF ROMANCE (Drake Springs Book 3) for Turquoise Morning Press. It's the story of Woody Fox, a pharmacist engaged to be married, who meets the woman of his dreams right before the wedding. Tiffany, who pours his coffee each morning at Boyd's Diner, seems to be his soul mate. Unfortunately, she has other plans for her future that don't include him. Never fear. This is a romance and they'll figure it out.

The first three Drake Springs category romance novels are scheduled for a fall, 2014, release.
Return to Drake Springs--October, 2014
Foster Care--November, 2014
A Dose of Romance--December, 2014

Three more Drake Springs category romance novels are slated for 2015. FYI, each story stands alone. While you may enjoy reading them all, you will find each one a stand-alone book.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I write in several sub-genres, but this series of sweet romances is set in the small North Florida town of Drake Springs and revolve around the lives of several people in the community. The line is called Boutique Collection--Next Door because it offers books about close-knit communities. 

A common thread running through the Drake Springs romance series is a child stricken with leukemia. Her treatment is in a larger town, which costs her young parents much in transportation costs (as well as other out-of-pocket medical expenses), but the town rallies to lend a hand. I base this subplot on a real life story and small town. It's heartwarming and encouraging how communities can pull together to help when needed.

3. Why do I write what I do?
I'm an incurable optimist. I look for the best in life and want that for my characters, too. Romance is the perfect genre because by definition there's a happy ending. But one trademark of my writing is the lesson learned, and it often involves forgiveness. That's a strong theme for me because it's a necessary part of making peace with one's past.

4. How does my writing process work?
It's still evolving. I write better when I've written out a detailed synopsis--sort of a short story telling what's to happen in the novel. Preparation and planning make the writing flow easily. However, I have been known to write out a story by the seat of my pants with little more than an idea. But I'm more comfortable having a blueprint to follow.

I like Elizabeth Sinclair's technique for plotting in her The Dreaded Synopsis, a book I highly recommend to other writers. My old, tattered copy has been beside my keyboard for a dozen years and I may need to replace it soon. But doing without it isn't an option.

Following me in this Big Easy Blog Hop are two authors of varying styles and genres. On June 2, visit:

  1. Anne Carter, who is a favorite of mine to read. She's passionate about writing and lighthouses. Visit her at
  2. Judith Leigh, who co-wrote the Romance on Route 66 anthology with me in 2009. Visit her at

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Elizabeth Sinclair said...

Thanks for the mention, Cheri. I'm so glad The Dreaded Synopsis helps.