Thursday, April 13, 2006

MARCHing forward: Restore My Heart

Did you see the Medallion Press website? Restore My Heart is shown with a release date of March, 2007. That's eleven months from now, less than a year! I can't help but feel excited.

It isn't too early to be thinking about promoting the book, so I've been playing around with animated graphics. I have much to learn but what do you think about my first effort?

Let me know!


Heather Waters said...

You're doing better than me! I have till August 2007 to see my work in print. It's never too early to start promotion, so kudos on the banner.

Hope you plan to post your cover once you get it :)

Anne Carter said...

Cheri! I'm so excited about RESTORE MY HEART. This is a great story and will sell tons of copies! And *I*, of course, can't wait to see the cover art!!!

We can celebrate together as my next, POINT SURRENDER, comes out in Feb '07! Do we know where RT will be next year?

Congrats, girlfriend!
"Anne Carter"

Anne Carter said...

P.S. Your banner is fine!! You put me to shame, I haven't even made one yet for my new book. (Hanging head.)

Cheryl Norman said...

Thank you, Ann. My banners aren't near the caliber as yours, though, sweetie.