Sunday, July 10, 2005

Welcome to my blog!

I write a grammar column and often get questions, so I decided to open a blog. I'm open to all kinds of discussions here, except politics and religion! We aren't limited to writing mechanics, but that's where I'll start.

My website has many of my columns; but loading files to a website is time consuming and labor intensive, especially since I have only dial-up.

I also love to talk cooking, especially healthy cooking, which has little to do with writing other than I've written a cookbook. Really, almost anything goes on this blog.

So here is my grammar rant of the day: Near miss. Literally, this translates to almost missed the target. Excuse me, but isn't that a hit? Today I worked the Sunday crossword puzzle and one clue was A close call. The answer? You guessed it. Eight letters: N E A R M I S S. I grumbled as I filled in the spaces, "A near miss is not a close call. The answer should be miss."

I'll try not to let it ruin my day! After all, Hurricane Dennis missed us, although it brought us a lot of rain and wind. It came near but missed us. Hmm. Could I have at last found the origin of this strange expression?


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JoeyJune said...

There was an accident the other day....this guy snuck out to his car in the middle of the night to get his Day Timer. He didn't think anyone would see so he didn't put on any clothes to make the short run to the driveway. Well as he closed the door, he remembered he also wanted to get his jacket....just as he turned...the door slammed and ouch !!!